2014 Results

The 2014 University Trading Challenge held December 5th 2014 in London UK

1st Place Winner: City University London CU1
2nd Place Winner: University of Derby UD1
3rd Place Winner: Greenwich University GU1

Investment Banking Challenge Winning Teams:

1st Place: Kingston University Team 2
2nd Place: Greenwich University   Team 1
3rd Place: University of Derby Team 1

Markets Trading Challenge Winning Teams:

1st Place: City University London Team 1
2nd Place: Coventry University Team 1
3rd Place: University of Birkbeck

Portfolio Challenge Winning Teams:

1st Place: University of Derby Team 1
2nd Place: Coventry University Team 2
3rd Place: Kingston University Team 4

Treasury Challenge Winning Teams:

1st Place: Greenwich University  Team 1
2nd Place: City University London Team 1
3rd Place: University of Brighton Team 1